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Football fitness coaching for part time players looking to dominate the game and look like a beast without the frustration of heavy legs, niggling injuries or time consuming workouts



My name is Gary Rafferty, I'm the director of Football Fitness AU.

I've been coaching since 2004 and have worked with 1000+ players from all over the world transform their athleticism, match performance and physique and doing it simply by preparing their body and mind for the game they love to play.

You're not here to be on a bodybuilding stage, or to win a Crossfit or Powerlifting Competition, you're here because you want to perform your best on the football pitch whilst feeling and looking good too.

Through Football Fitness AU, you'll discover everything you'll need to dominate the physical side of the game, build an athletic physique, train smart and become a high performer both on and off the pitch.

But of course, you've got a life to live, a busy work schedule and maybe even studies to do, so how can you improve all of this in as little as 2-4 sessions a week?

Well thats exactly what we specialise in here at Football Fitness AU...

Office: Sydney, Australia



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